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Dishonored: Rat Assassin. Dishonored: Rat Assassin. Rat Assassin Game Display global rat assassin leaders. ESRB PRIVACY CERTIFIED MEMBER.

Dishonored: Rat Assassin is a free mobile game for iPhone and iPad. It was developed by Arkane Studios and released on August 30, Rats are flung. By Justin Davis Bethesda announced (and launched!) Dishonored promo-game Dishonored: Rat Assassin onto the iOS App Store today. Dishonored: Rat Assassin is available now for iPhone and iPad for the low price of free.

At long last, killing vermin in my rat infested storage unit I sleep in is going to pay off! Rat Assassin is kind of like Fruit Ninja instead you are.

Metacritic Game Reviews, Dishonored: Rat Assassin for iPhone/iPad, While you wait for Dishonored's official console and PC release this Fall. I don't know if anyone remembers, but there was a promotional game called Dishonored: Rat Assassin which was only made available for ios. Bethesda has released a new app to help sharpen your supernatural assassin skills while you wait for Dishonored to officially release. With the.

Download Dishonored: Rat Assassin Kill as many rats as you can. Dishonored: Rat Assassin, the new game by Bethesda and Arkane, is set in the world of. In anticipation of the impending launch of Dishonored, Bethesda has released a free iPhone spin-off game. Entitled Dishonored: Rat Assassin. Said game is Dishonored: Rat Assassin, a grisly and free-to-play Fruit Ninja clone that tasks you with chopping ugly looking rodents to pieces.

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Today, Bethesda announced that their free iPhone app, "Rat Assassin" is now available. Where you're able to you guessed it – eliminate a rat.

Those who love Fruit Ninja's slice-and-dice gameplay but want something a little dark and different should find Dishonored's Rat Assassin.

Dishonored: Rat Assassin launches as a free download on the iPad. Dishonored is a stealth action-adventure video game developed by Arkane Studios and .. Rat Assassin was well received for the variety and quantity of content provided, but received some criticism for dark visuals, that made it difficult to. Dishonored: Rat Assassin by Bethesda Softworks LLC earned < $5k in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded < 5k times in August Analyze.

The anticipation for Dishonored is heating up, and Bethesda have today announced a new free to play iPhone and iPod touch game called, "Dishonored Rat. Dishonored Rat Assassin is a brand new game inspired by the upcoming title, released for the iPhone, iPod Touch and now on iPad. Let's not beat around the bush: Dishonored's iOS spinoff game owes a whole lot to At the end of Rat Assassin, you may feel like throwing up.

Alright, so maybe I won't drop the Fruit Ninja competition entirely, but Dishonored: Rat Assassin -- a goofy tie-in to Bethesda's upcoming.

So to prepare us would-be supernatural assassins, publisher Bethesda released Dishonored: Rat Assassin for iOS devices, a free spin-off of. This week we're taking a look at Commando Jack from Colossal Games, Rocket Race from Big Smash Studios, Dominoes from Maysalward. Dishonored's Rat Assassin now on iPad. Rat_Assassin_ipad. Dishonored is getting close now, the stench of its plague-ridden streets starting to.

Available as a smartphone app is “Dishonored: Rat Assassin.” In “Rat Assassin,” players obliterate untold numbers of rats with a range of. Dishonored: Rat Assassin hits iOS today for free. Dishonored: Rat Assassin is available today on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. Desperate to get your hands on Dishonored, and can't wait until October 12? Well, you're in luck. Bethesda has released a somewhat.

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