Top 10. Kethane Miner

I guess it should not matter how big the GameData folder is as long as KSP is smart enough to not just shovel everything into RAM. But Im not. Enter Kethane: send a miner/refiner/storage facility (or facilities) to Laythe; mine the Kethane there; convert it to whatever resource you need. So, I got kethane the kethane mod (as the name suggests) and I need some help. Well, help with 2 things actually, I made a kethane miner but it.

29 Apr - 35 min - Uploaded by DasTactic The CRAFT file used is located here: Miner Plane Mk1:

1 Mar - 53 min - Uploaded by WildDoogyPlumb In this video, me and my buddy Eli land a Kethane mining probe on the Mun. Since this is our.

29 Oct - 24 min - Uploaded by Pyker Plays In this episode we Build, Land and use our Kethane Miner! We can now start our refueling. 29 Apr - 53 min - Uploaded by BadashGames Launching a Space Station, and building a kethane miner. I recorded this and the next video at. 14 Jun - 4 min - Uploaded by Karochi1 Launched and landed a heavy kethane miner on the mun.

This is my heavy kethane miner. It has storage capacity for ~44, kethan, and ~ 17, of LFO. The ship is capable of functioning in solar or. Post with 9 votes and 2 views. Shared by Djohaal. MK II "Bob" class autonomous kethane miner. I retracted my landing gear, and used RCS to balance on my engine. That let the drills dig deep enough into the surface to start extracting.

I can't seem to find any good #kethane mod tutorials for #KSP anyone out there The problem with #ksp is that I go to sleep thinking of #kethane mining rigs. Now that Fuel 2 and Fuel 3 are on their way to Duna and Jool, it's long past time to get a new Kethane mining ship out to Duna to replace the one that cras. Kethane Miner Lander - Duna landscape. Done. Comment. 60 views. 1 fave. 0 comments. Taken on May 15, Some rights reserved.

Now that Fuel 2 and Fuel 3 are on their way to Duna and Jool, it's long past time to get a new Kethane mining ship out to Duna to replace the.

Kethane, while scarce, can be found buried beneath the surface of all planets and Install if: you want an intragalactic mining operation.

Kethane Miner - to mine kethane on the surface of Eve's moon, Gilly. Kethane Probe - small satellite to be placed in Gilly orbit to find deposits of.

Think of your average truck. Now imagine it with a mining rig embedded into its chassis, with a ~low center mass and a big honking fuel tank.

What's the weight ratio of spaceparts/ Kethane? . Well, the kethane miner need to be moved, and we need an orbital mun station to actually.

Have a prototype kethane miner land on the Mun, extract kethane, convert to liquid fuel and monopropellant then launch from the moon.

Kethane and Karbonite are two different fuel-like substances that you new “ Regolith” framework, which will support asteroid mining as well. After creating a test lander/kethane miner on minmus, I was ready to also be capable of landing on Eve if we need to mine kethane there. This crash does not occur when Kethane is not included. Let me know if I can K Miner 01(Clone) added to ship - part count: 3 (Filename.

Should I make a station that houses about 12 different kethane mining rovers . lander/miner unit, you could just send it down to mine Kethane/convert to fuel so . The Kethane mod adds a natural resource to Kerbal Space Program, you can search for it, mine it and convert it into fuel. It opens up a whole. Videos related to Kethane. 'Planetfall' - KSP Kethane Station #25 HatBat Kethane Ep02 - Kerbal Space Program - Kethane Miner Design DasTactic.

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